Bespoke Cutting Service, Let us do the hardwork for you!

Bespoke Cutting Service, Let us do the hardwork for you!

Barncrest simply offer the best bespoke cutting service available, with our expert craftsman and years of knowledge you can be assured that we will cut your worktop to size perfectly everytime.

For Butcher Block worktops, once we have confirmation of your plans, we can cut, oil and deliver your worktops within 10 - 14 workings days.

  • Let us do the hardwork for you
  • Perfect Accuracy everytime
  • Attention to detail
  • CAD plans produced
  • Unique shapes and cutting available
  • Wider boards can be manufactured
Simply email us your plans and ideas to or call 01328 838 121

Pre-Oiling Service - £35 per metre

Pre-Oiling ServiceAll of our hardwood worktops are supplied un-oiled but it is essential that they are treated correctly prior to installation. For your convenience, we offer a pre-oiling service for full-length and bespoke worktops - plus upstands. With our pre oiling service we oil the top, bottom and all edges of the worktops so they will arrive ready for immediate installation. We recommend that you also purchase additional oil for future top-up applications, to keep your worktop always looking at its best.

Alternatively, you can purchase the oil from us for self application. Please visit our Installation & Aftercare section for important information on the procedures for treating the worktops yourself.

Edging Service - top edging £8 per linear metre / top and bottom £16 per linear metre

Edging ServiceBarncrest offer the widest range of edging options available to compliment the unique style of your kitchen. We highly recommend that you apply some form of edging to your worktops as the standard square-edge can pick up knocks and dents over the years.A basic pencil or rounded edge design are the most popular and offer the best form of long term protection.

Upstands - From £32 per metre

UpstandsUpstands provide an elegant solution and provide a seamless finish to the area where the worktop meets the wall. Few homes have perfectly straight walls which means that worktops will rarely fit completely flush. Additionally, a small expansion gap is required to allow for slight movement in the wood over the years and Upstands are the best solution for concealing these gaps. Upstands can be cut to size and are available and have a 70mm x 19mm cross sectional area.
Length Wooden Upstands
1 metre £32
2 metres £59
3 metres £84

Sink Cutout - £75 overmounted, £125 undermounted

Sink CutoutOur craftsmen can cut out the sink area for both under-mounted and over-mounted sinks of any size. Simply provide us with the exact measurements or template if you have one. If you are installing an under-mounted sink then we recommend that you also consider drainage grooves and take advantage of our edging service to provide a practical and professional finish. We also advise that you allow for a minimum 10mm overhang for your worktop around the interior rim of the sink.

If installing an over-mounted sink we recommend that it is situated no less than 150mm from the end of the worktop. This is to ensure that the weight of the sink
does not cause any undue damage to the end of the worktop.

Drainage Grooves - from £58

Drainage Grooves

Drainage grooves are highly recommended for all worktops incorporating under-mounted sinks. The grooves will allow the free flow of water from the drainage area and will help to prevent water building up on the worktop and cause staining.

Hob Cutout - £75

Our craftsmen can cut out the hob area for all built-in Hob Cutouthob units of any size. Please be advised when planning your kitchen design that we recommend the hob is situated no less than 150mm from the end of the worktop. This is to ensure that the weight of the hob does not cause any undue damage to this area.

Fitted Wooden End Caps 100mm wide - £144

Protective Wooden End CapsEnd caps provide a professional and elegant finish to the end grain area of worktops. It is essential that they are fitted to worktops sited directly alongside Aga, Rayburn and Range ovens. These ovens produce a lot of heat and the end-caps will help to protect the worktop ends from drying out and splitting. We also strongly advise fitting end-caps to Island Units and Breakfast Bars to prevent them from warping or cupping over the long term.

Butt Joint - £48

Butt JointOur joining service is highly recommended to provide you with worktops that fit together perfectly square and even. Our craftsmen will cut out rebates on the underneath to accommodate the connecting key clamps. The key clamps connect the worktops together securely and keep the worktops completely level. During installation, we advise applying a line of silicone sealant along the connecting edges to provide a completely waterproof seal to the joint.

Radius Corners - from £15

Radius CornersAdding radius corners to your worktop, breakfast bar or island unit will provide a smooth, safe and elegant finish. We can shape them to any radius size for you or you can supply a template for unique shapes.

Ellipse Ends - £75

Ellipse EndsAn ellipse end can be applied to the end of your worktop, breakfast bar, island unit or tabletop. We can shape them to any radius size for you or you can supply a template for unique shapes.

Irregular Cutouts - £75

Irregular CutoutsWe have received many requests over the years for a variety of specialist cutout shapes. Whether to accommodate built in electric sockets, lights, extractor fans or a protruding wall. Our craftsmen will happily incorporate these unique shapes into your worktops for you.

Moisture Barriers - £18

(600mm x 640mm Aluminum sheet)
Moisture BarriersFitting a moisture barrier to the underside of the worktop prevents excessive moisture from penetrating the wood. If your worktop is being installed above kitchen appliances that produce a large amount of heat or moisture (washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, boilers or built-in fridges & freezers), then it is highly advisable to fit a moisture barrier to protect your worktop.

Stainless Steel - £25 each including groove

Hot RodsStainless steel hot-rods will provide an essential but elegant safe area for hot pans and cooking dishes. To keep your worktop safe from potential damage, hot-rods are a recommended low-cost option and are a modern and stylish solution.
Hot-rods are fitted into recesses, they are 300mm in length and made from stainless steel.

All of our advertised prices include20% VAT.