About Barncrest

Barncrest specialise in quality hardwoods only, so you can be confident in the knowledge that we really are the experts in this field. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer advisors will answer any question you throw at them, give you the best advice and guide you effortlessly through the entire process - from planning to installation.

All worktops, tables and shelves can be shaped to your own unique creative design and our bespoke cutting and finishing service will save you money, time and hassle. We utilise the latest technology and the best tooling to produce your products. Our craftsmen, who finish all of our products by hand, are professionally trained and have years of experience. You can be assured that your worktops, tables and shelves will be cut to your exact personal requirements and finished to the highest professional standards.

Barncrest worktops are crafted in Norfolk

Crafted in our workshop in Norfolk, Barncrest kitchen worktops are made from the finest American and African hardwoods available. You can be assured that all our bespoke items are made in the UK.

Our flooring is manufactured to the same degree of excellence to our worktop, we have made it easier for you by selecting the best solid wood options.

Buying direct from Barncrest will ensure you receive the highest quality worktops available. Please note that all of our advertised prices include VAT. There are no hidden costs.

Our first-class delivery service guarantees that your order is delivered direct to your door. All our deliveries are done by ourselves so we can be sure your worktop arrives in great condition. Please visit our Delivery Information page for more details.

Barncrest worktops are any size and any shape you want and offer more work surface for your money. Our competitors usually supply 620mm and 720mm standard widths, but our worktop sizes are limitless. We provide the larger 640mm to ensure that all of your kitchen appliances will sit flush with the worktop after taking in to account the additional space required for plumbing and piping. This has repeatedly proved to be an important, and often overlooked, consideration for most of our customers.

Please beware of any similar wood products & services advertised at a cheaper price. If it looks too good to be true - it probably is! The quality of the wood, glue and manufacturing techniques will be vastly inferior and very likely to present you with problems - from cracking & splitting to warping & cupping. Always ask our competitors about the quality of their wood, their manufacturing processes and environmental policy. Request our samples and compare them to those of our competitors and see the difference for yourself.

You will remain a valued Barncrest customer long after your worktops, shelving or flooring have been installed. In addition to the wealth of installation and aftercare information available on our website, we will always be happy to answer any of your after-care enquiries, advise on maintenance and how best to repair accidental damage.

For any additional advice please contact one of our customer service advisors on 01328 838 121 who will happily answer all your enquiries and discuss your needs.

Barncrest worktops crafted from finest hardwoods