Repairing Your Wooden Worktop

To sand the marks or scratches out, simple pick up some 120 or 180 grit paper and begin sanding the mark with an even pressure. You should always sand along the grain as you may create further scratches if you sand against it! Once the mark or scratch has completely gone, finish by re-oiling the surface to restore the beautiful finish and protective layer. Our oiling instructions can be found here if you wish to re-oil the whole worktop, which is quite an enjoyable and relaxing experience that will give you piece of mind.

Oiling wood worktop

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The Quality Of Our Oak Worktops

Appalachian Mountains

The diverse and rich forests contain moist, montane soils that is one of the main factors of why Appalachian Mountain hardwood is superior.

With cool autumns, chilly winters, wet and green springs and warm summers, the seasons provide the perfect climate for this hardwood to grow. This optimum growing environment promotes tight growth rings, regular grains and strong fibres. The result is a timber that is durable, robust and very attractive with a gorgeous golden tone that glows in the sunlight when oiled.

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How We Design And Produce A Fully Bespoke Wooden Worktop

We often ask for a rough sketch of your bespoke details to send to ourselves as gives an idea of where you want them located on the worktop.  Allocating where the worktops join and what worktops will require bespoke details such as hot rods or sink cut outs is made much easier.

Our CAD software is not only a very visual way to see your worktops, but it also highlights if there are any potential issues with the measurements, whether it be missing dimensions or measurements that don’t quite add up, we can catch them before you confirm.

CAD Diagram

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Why Our Wood?

Bespoke walnut worktops

There is an enticing array of timbers in a variety of individual stave lengths for you to create a truly one-of-a-kind worktop for the hub of your home. If you desire a rustic or classic look, our Appalachian Oak works seamlessly with all styles of cabinetry, adding its strong yet simple look to any kitchen. Our Black Walnut worktops fills your kitchen with enigmatic and luxurious tones. For a splash of colour, our Cherry worktops creates an elegant yet individual aesthetic.

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Bespoke Wooden Worktop Service

CNC MachineGood quality service is extremely important to our business; this is why we present to you our fullybespoke worktop service. The service contains many different options that you can make an addition to your wooden worktop. There is plenty to choose from, edging, sink cut outs to butt joins and many more.

Our exquisite wooden upstands would make a grand addition to any kitchen. There are two different styles that we offer, Wide Block and Super Stave. The wide block possesses joints along the timber which is as magnificent as our wide block wooden worktops. Super Stave up stands consists of a continuous length and no joints, this outstanding style can easily be complimented with a super stave or traditional plank wooden worktop. The idea of an upstand is to improve the view between the join from the worktop to the wall. Walls are not always straight or up to standard, so an upstand can easily make it more appealing and fix any visible problems.

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If you want the best out of your wooden worktop it is vital to treat it with care. There are plenty of ways to look after your worktop, depending on the finishing you wish to achieve. Here at Barncrest, we offer a pre-installation oiling. In our workshops we use a large tank of oil, linseed oil.

Whether you have your worktop oiled by us is completely up to you. You don’t have to have to go through this process; we just recommend that you do. Once we have your order is in place, paid for and the workshops have finished creating your wooden worktop; if you have opted for the pre-installation oiling it will be placed into our dip tank for several hours. The tank is full of Linseed oil, which is extra pure, therefore it absorbs into the timber easier and much quicker. It also produces ultra low protein content, meaning that at warm temperatures it will absorb quicker and deeper than ordinary linseed oil.


Delivering your order.

bespoke wood sandingA business is only as good as its service and seeing that your order gets to you is very important to us. We want to ensure that you have the best experience when choosing your wooden worktops.

So to make things easier for you, Barncrest would like to express to you how our delivery service works. Here at Barncrest we do our best to meet the customer’s needs, bespoke work and all. Once you have left an order with us this might be via email or phone call; we will then fill in a form, do not worry; this is so that we can keep the order on file.

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Ten stages of installation

It is important to us that you have the best experience when deciding on your wooden kitchen worktops. So we, Norfolk Oak have come up with some easy tips and tricks to help you along when it comes to installing…

You will need:
–          Rags/ old cloth
–          Oil
–          Warm Storage (if applicable)
–          Sand paper /electric sander
–          Extra helping hand

1. If the worktop needs storing, give our office to call and we shall delay the delivery, or you can ensure it will be stored in a flat, warm and dry atmosphere. Just like Floor planks, you will need to oil them immediately, 24 hours being the limit.

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The move: Anmer hall to RAF West Raynham

Unlike many businesses, Barncrest has the pleasure of moving from one historic place to another. Anmer hall, which is soon to be faced with royalty once more, to historic, rustic RAF West Raynham. The old air force station was built between 1938 and 1939, where the queen’s men prepare for world war two.

RAF West Raynham The site covers roughly 2,770,000 square metres and within it, it contains several landmarks such as: two runways, 42 officer houses, 130 married quarter houses, a small family centre, officer’s mess, barrack blocks, technical buildings and four hangars. There were roughly about 2,456 gentlemen and 658 women that remained at the station all of which played a large part within world war two. The accommodation, communities and headquarters are located west of the runway.

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