Iroko Worktops


Iroko Worktops

The dark hues of this rich African hardwood produce a stunning effect when used in the right kitchen environment. Often called 'African Teak', it is a most durable worktop due to its high resistance to staining. We manufacture our worktops here in the UK in the following butcher's block and single stave styles:

  • Butcher's Block, 40mm Wide Staves, 40mm Thick
  • Butcher's Block, 60mm Wide Staves, 40mm Thick
  • Plank Design, 90mm Wide Staves, 40mm Thick
  • Wide Stave, 120mm-180mm Wide Staves, 32mm, 44mm, 55mm and 70mm Thick

Iroko is an African timber with excellent properties for kitchen worktops as it contains natural oils and silica which repel water. The problem with Iroko is that as an African hardwood, getting genuine sustainable timber has, until now, been impossible. Our Iroko is pure 100% certified Iroko. It's quite beautiful, dense, hard, and makes for a really fabulous worktop. In fact we have also made bath surrounds from it, which shows just how confident we are with our manufacturing and finishing compliments the natural properties of Iroko.

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