Press and Media

Barncrest are delighted to have featured in all of the industry-leading home-improvement publications over the last three years. We have received glowing testimonials and recommendations from all of these magazines. - Coastal Kitchen

Barncrest were please to annouce that we supplied the kitchen worktops for the TV series lovehome featuring interior designer Kathryn Rayward, she brings a touch of the coast into a south London kitchen. This makeover was featured in the series, Get the Look.

Designer Guide

Barncrest appear in Kitchen & Bathroom Designer Magazine April 2012 - Worktop Surface Guide

Property Snakes and Ladders

Barncrest's kitchen wooden worktops appeared on Sarah Beeny's Property Snakes and Ladders show on 16th June 2009.

View the show on Channel Four's Youtube channel.

Homebuilding & Renovating February 2009

"The client wanted to use walnut wood throughout the entire house but colour matching different shades from different suppliers was causing a real problem. Eventually he discovered Barncrest who, as well as supplying the main walnut kitchen surfaces, also produced the bespoke shelves, window sills, stair treads, three tables and the office desk."

Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms January 2009

"Barncrest supply high quality wooden worktops, pre-cut to any design and ready-oiled. Their services are invaluable and quite probably the cheapest way of producing unique worktops at a very reasonable price."

Ideal Home November 2008

"The design we required was large and extremely unusual so we put Barncrest to the test. They didn't bat an eyelid at our request and came back with a plan and quote immediately. The products were perfect in every way and the matching window-sills and shelving, which again were designed by ourselves, completed the whole look."

Property Ladder September 2006

"After all the other problems that we experienced with our kitchen, we were delighted when the wooden worktops arrived from Barncrest. They were cut perfectly to size and beautifully crafted. Everything was precisely as requested and they fitted like a glove."

BBC Good Homes April 2007

"The benefits of utilising Barncrest's services are obvious. Worktops are supplied cut precisely to individual requirements and pre-treated ready for quick installation. The time and cost savings should be enough to persuade you but the real clincher is not having the work carried out (and subsequent mess from wood dust and oiling) in your own home."

Country Life March 2007

"A common problem with country kitchens is all of the nooks and crannies that the worksurface needs to fit into and around. Barncrest Worktops supply wooden worktops cut precisely to your requirements. The convenience of having your worktop delivered cut, oiled and ready for immediate installation is invaluable."

World of Interiors May 2007

"Barncrest provided the unique design exactly as specified. We managed to capture both the look and feel we were searching for but for a fraction of the expected cost."

House & Garden December 2008

"I needed so much additional work and some of it very fine detail, I became concerned that we had put too much faith in the company providing the worktops (Barncrest). I shouldn't have worried, not only did they arrive 100% as requested, they looked more perfect than I could ever have hoped."

Smart Life Issue 3 2007

"Barncrest's ability to produce completely bespoke worksurfaces, tables, shelves & window sills is perfect for creating a stylish wooden theme throughout. The quality of the woods used and the attention to fine detail is very impressive."

The English Home October 2007

"Nothing is more befitting of a truly English Home than oak. Barncrest produced all of the oak surfaces in this room, with the central island in the kitchen/diner and the corner bar in the living area being exceptionally impressive."

The Mail on Sunday Property Section September 16th 2007

"Measuring your worktops and ordering them yourself is very easy these days and will save you a fortune. Barncrest offer a complete range of bespoke options for wooden worktops and will consider any design no matter how unusual or complicated."

Sunday Times 'Home Section' Feb '09

"There are so many things that can go wrong with fitting kitchen worktops that it is often better to leave it to the professionals. Barncrest provide hardwood worktops cut precisely to your supplied measurements and ready for immediate installation. The range of bespoke options available is amazing and hand craftsmanship ensures a fine eye to the detail and finishing."

Sunday Express Property Section April 15th 2008

"Wooden worktops were used to fit out every bedroom and bathroom in the Belmont Hotel. "We contracted Barncrest to produce each piece pre-cut as there were slight variations in the measurements from room to room which they easily catered for. The overall effect has transformed the look of the rooms and all well within budget."

Observer 'Property Section' June '06

"For a simple and cost-effective solution to buying a wooden worktop head to A full tailor-made service will ensure that your worktop fits perfectly without the hassle or risk of having to cut it yourself. A range of complementary wood products (shelves, window sills, tables etc) are also available."