Cherry Worktops


Cherry Worktops

We manufacture our worktops here in the UK in the following butcher's block and single stave styles:

  • Butcher's Block, 40mm Wide Staves, 40mm Thick
  • Butcher's Block, 60mm Wide Staves, 40mm Thick
  • Plank Design, 90mm Wide Staves, 40mm Thick
  • Wide Stave, 120mm-180mm Wide Staves, 32mm and 44mm Thick

North American Cherry is a dense wood with a close grain and a fine, even texture. The truly amazing thing about cherry is its depth. The colour can deepen from both oiling and exposure to light, and has distinctive and beautiful gold and salmon-pink highlights throughout. When it has been sanded, cherry can develop almost a glass-like finish.

It is obvious from the photographs that we only use furniture grade Cherry, but what may not be so clear is just how specific we are when we select our timber. Cherry is not only graded for knots, defects and sap wood, but in the upper grades - i.e. furniture grades - it is also graded for colour, gum pockets, pith marks and general consistency. The Cherry timber we use is called 95/50, which means the top surface must be at least 95 % red (as opposed to cream) and the underside at least 50 %. We also specify a limit on gum pockets, pith marks, and pay particular attention to a consistent grain.

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